Hope EPC Leadership Team

The staff and leadership here at Hope EPC is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office. You can contact the church office at (847) 543-1659 or hopeepc@gmail.com.

Staff & Leadership

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  • Pastor Chris Curtis

    Pastor Chris joined our staff beginning in 2022. He is glad to proclaim Christ as our only comfort in life and in death.

  • Pauline Wagner

    Office Manager

    For our church office to run like a well oiled machine, it needs someone like Pauline to keep it running. 

  • Megan Pierce

    Music Director

    Megan provides the leadership and inspiration for our music ministry.  We would love for you to join our choir, which meets following the worship service on Sundays.


  • Don Flater

    Clerk of Session/Elder - Missions Committee

    He is part of the Elder class of 2019.

  • Ruth Woodruff

    Elder - Christian Education Committee

    She is part of the Elder class of 2018. 

  • JP Honeywell

    Elder - Membership & Outreach Committee

    JP has been a part of Hope EPC since 2001. He is part of the Elder class of 2019. 

  • Jim Jesse

    Elder - Sexton & Building Committee

    Elder class of 2020.  Jim is also the Sexton for Hope EPC. If something good is happening on the church grounds, Jim probably has a hand in it. 

  • Peter Laskowski

    Elder - Worship Committee

    Elder class of 2020.